Sapo. Κατάλογοι με διαφημιστικά και επαγγελματικά δώρα & εκτυπώσεις

Sapo Giveaways advertising gifts. Κατάλογοι με διαφημιστικά και επαγγελματικά προϊόντα – δώρα, ψηφιακές εκτυπώσεις SP για το σπίτι και την επιχείρηση

Sapo Giveaways. Promotional business gifts & textiles – Catalogue 2022


Sapo Giveaways. Promotional business gifts & textiles - Catalogue 2022

Sapo • Αξεσουάρ – Δώρα – Χόμπι • Κατάλογος με διαφημιστικά δώρα και είδη γραφείου online (708 σελίδων) • SAPO Giveaways & Advertising Gifts, Corporate Business Gifts, Promotional Products – Cyprus

Sapo | Sapo Epaggelmatika Epixeirimatika Dora Diafimistika

SAPO GIVEAWAYS LTD provides complete promotional solutions to clients in Cyprus and world wide. The years of expertise in promotional business can help you boost your company's status by providing the right gifts to your clients and cover all your promotional marketing activities.

SAPO offers a wide range of advertising gifts, at all price levels, ensuring that your message works harder and stays visible for longer.

SAPO GIVEAWAYS LTD was formed in 1987 by Mr. Socrates Psaras. The philosophy of them founder to develop his business by providing a personalised and professional service has proven successful, making the company nowadays the leader in the field of Advertising Gifts in Cyprus.

Since may 2000 SAPO GIVEAWAYS LTD is registered as a public company.

SAPO giveaways | Promotional business gifts & textiles

The professionalism of Mr. Socrates Psaras and his team, each of them specialised in his field of activity, attracts many clients - not only from Cyprus - to a longstanding and intense cooperation with SAPO GIVEAWAYS LTD.

In the modern designed showrooms of SAPO GIVEAWAYS LTD, the interested customer will find a wide selection of Advertising Gifts suitable for any budget. The Company holds a large quantity of all the offered products in stock, so that orders can be fulfilled within the shortest time. It goes without saying that any kind of printing and engraving on the products is done in the own workshops of SAPO GIVEAWAYS LTD.

Whether you are searching for advertising gifts and giveaways, corporate business gifts, promotional products, personalised gifts, customized gifts or marketing gifts, SAPO Giveaways can help you find it easily.

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